About 6 Movements Fitness

Changing the way people work out, offering low impact, progressive intensity classes that build the body up, not break it down.

Exercises are based on six human movement patterns, core to human physical activity, since mankind first walked. By pushing, pulling, bending, rotating, squatting and stepping, with and without weight, at varied levels of intensity, 6 Movements members improve their  core strength, posture, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

When movements are guided by knowledgeable and empathetic trainers, combined with biometric feedback, in a fun, friendly environment -the foundation for lifelong fitness is built. When movements are joint-friendly and intensity balanced with recovery, the body responds positively.

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6M Success Criteria

Variable Intensity Interval Training

  • Classes alternate short bursts of vigorous movement and active recovery which, studies have proven, increases aerobic capacity quicker than most other forms of cardiac training. 6M members have fun while burning more calories, improving endurance and gaining strength.  With classes that range from low to high intensity, there is something for everyone.

Varied Training

  • Workouts are never boring, when moving through constantly changing exercises that incorporate bodyweight exercises, hand-held weights, TRX straps, Rowers, Ski Erg and a variety of functional and gymnastic equipment’s.

Joint Friendly Low Impact Movements

  • Classes utilize only low impact movements while providing a vigorous workout. Rowing machines provide opportunity to achieve maximum burn, while eliminating the forces that most other cardio exercises place on the joints. Kettlebell lifting is low impact, increases strength and improves mobility. TRX suspension straps can  off-set body load allowing strength to build incrementally.  There is something for every fitness level.

Heart Rate Biometric Feedback

  • Using heart rate sensors and performance monitors and large display screens, 6M class participants are empowered to self-manage the intensity of their workouts.  Participants receive post-workout Heart Rate summary reports, to better track progress over time.

Whole Body Workouts

  • 6M classes are designed to improve the whole body, whether the class is focused on  endurance, strength or mobility.  Huge efficiencies are found through rowing which utilizes 84% of the body’s muscles and when combined with off-rower exercises, provide highly effective and efficient total body workouts, in a short amount of time.

Committed to Community

  • 6 Movements gives back to its members and the community through sponsorship of fitness and wellness skills workshops, hosting events that support local charities, and promoting activities with other area fitness organizations.

The 6M Story

Renee Reed and husband Ralph Bell lived active lives before marrying and shifting focus to family, building homes and careers. Ralph had been an expert skier and eight-boat rowing crew member. Renee, a multi-sport athlete who competed into her forties. When arthritis forced her to slow down, her lifestyle became sedentary and her health began to suffer as she gained weight and lost strength. Determined to reverse this slide, she joined health clubs, hired Personal Trainers and worked out in a home gym; all with unsatisfactory results. She found that programs which provided adequate cardio, aggravated her arthritis. Low impact classes lacked intensity, and working out alone was boring and no fun. After Renee and Ralph joined a boot camp class that focused on body-weight exercise and kickboxing, both grew stronger. Renee lost weight and felt a sense of well being that had been missing in her life. They joined a CrossFit box where Renee fell in love with the challenge and high intensity, until her arthritic joints could no longer sustain the high impact. She moved to hardstyle Kettlebell training and found this low impact form of weight training increased her strength and mobility, though left her desiring more intensity. She studied multiple kettlebell training methods and found the desired intensity and match to her personality in Kettlebell Sport, an endurance sport where the lifters compete against their own records. She learned that by combining body-weight exercises and kettlebell lifting, with rowing, it was possible to achieve a high level of endurance,strength and mobility; even with arthritis and joint replacements. Wanting to share these highly effective, enjoyable, low impact training modalities with others and pursue her life-long passion for fitness, Renee gave up a long-time career in high tech consulting and founded 6 Movements Fitness Studio in 2017.