6 Movements Programs


The General Physical Fitness Track includes Foundations, Personal Training and Yoga classes that focus on developing core strength, stability, mobility and cardio endurance to support active, healthy lifestyles.

Classes are designed for all fitness levels, including those recovering from sports injuries, those who may be deconditioned or overweight, or are new to fitness training.  All exercises are low impact and designed to accommodate joint or other body restrictions.

Classes are typically low-to-moderate intensity with Foundations classes involving approximately 40% Rowing,  40% TRX Training, 10% Kettlebell Training and 10% Body-weight Exercises. Yoga classes emphasis mobility and fitness and can accommodate any level of experience.


The Kettlebell Training Track includes Stronger You Boot Camp,  Strong6 Intro to Kettlebell Sport training and the 6 Movements Kettlebell Sport Club classes.

Stronger You Boot Camp provides whole body strength and conditioning,  using a wide variety of  Kettlebell movements, Rowing and bodyweight exercises.  This is a great class for those who want to develop Kettlebell skills, as well as athletes wishing to cross train.

Stronger You classes are typically moderate-to-high intensity workouts involving approximately 50%  Kettlebell Training, 20% Rowing, 10% TRX Training and 20% Body Weight exercise.

Strong6 workshops introduce the six primary movements involved in Kettlebell Sport.  Completion of Strong6 or equivalent experience is necessary for participation in 6M Kettlebell Sport Club.

Kettlebell Sport Club focuses on preparing participants for Kettlebell Sport competitions, though competing is not a prerequisite.  Sport training is a great way to build strength and endurance.


The Indoor Rowing Track includes Rowing Clinics, RowFit classes and Recreational Racing activities.

Basic Rowing Clinics focus on technique and rowing drills and are suitable for those new to rowing or who want to improve their rowing skill.

Advanced Rowing clinics focus on developing the skills to get more power and distance in rowing and are suitable for those who have developed sufficient endurance to sustain longer rowing periods.

RowFit classes focus on developing rowing skill and endurance and are typically moderate-to-high intensity, involving 90% Rowing with some Bodyweight exercises.

Recreational Rowing Races are open to the community including children over 11 who are accompanied by an adult.  Racers “boats” are projected on a big screen during the race are suitable for any rowing ability. If needed, rowing instruction is provided prior to the race times.