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Feel Good Fitness

6 Movements Fitness is a unique type of fitness studio.  Step inside and you immediately know you are in a special place.  The space is bright and cheerful, while at the same time, warm and cozy. The color scheme of magenta, teal, cyan and brilliant yellow strangely, works.  A big yellow couch invites you to plop down, grab a coffee or juice from the canteen, and soak up the positive energy. Light reflecting mirrors cover the walls, thick rubber matting cover the floors and an amazing amount of equipment is neatly stored around the edges of the studio. Music plays at a volume that lifts the mood, while allowing for conversation.  

 Founded by Edmonds resident, Renee Reed, 6 Movements Fitness has been designed to reflect Renee’s philosophy that exercise should be about movement, sweat and laughter – what she calls “Feel Good Fitness”.  She wanted clients to experience an intimate, welcoming environment, where happiness and energy started flowing, as soon as they enter.

No Machines 

There are no machines, this is a place where the human body is the machine. The philosophy is to prepare for real life situations , using human-powered, fundamental movement patterns, with and without resistance, and at varying levels of intensity.  The name 6 Movements reflects the six  movement patterns  (pushing, pulling, bending, rotating, squatting, stepping), the foundation for all human physical activity.  

There are programs  in foundational fitness, kettlebell lifting and indoor rowing, as well as clinics and fun community activities. Something you immediately notice, are the rows of  brightly colored steel orbs that lend a purposeful playfulness to the space. Renee is an avid kettlebell lifter and sometimes Kettlebell Sport competitor. She is quick to assure that though the “bells” may look big and heavy, they come in many different weights and are much easier to handle than other weight equipment. Sleek black indoor rowers stand tall along a wall, a Ski erg and gymnastic rig with a variety of interesting attachments. TRX straps hang from the ceilings and large TV screens display heart rates captured by the built in telemetry system.   

 Client Focused

A  boutique studio, 6M operates differently than most other fitness venues, where business is typically about high volume and clients are often on their own.  6 Movements is all about individualized training. Class sizes are limited to enable instructors to give each client their full attention. The studio is closed when there are no classes and walk-ins are not accepted.

Each client receives a login to the 6 Movement web site where they can reserve classes, pay bills, purchase items and keep track of their fitness goals and progress.  The  site is easy to use and full of information, including class calendar, FAQs, program descriptions, class descriptions, a blog with many interesting articles, information about the instructors and more.

It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into  customer experience. Not a big surprise, given Renee previously managed IT organizations, web product development teams and large, complex business projects. She specialized in something called Agile Project Management where big problems are broken down and worked in smaller chunks of completed product, resulting in higher success rates and rapid delivery. She utilizes an Agile approach in fitness programming, breaking down the client’s problems (weakness, instability, mobility, bum knee, etc) into manageable training chunks, working with the the client, step by step, building to success.

With her technology background, Renee wanted to take advantage of tech to manage data securely and make things easier for clients and staff. Technology is built into all aspects of the studio’s operation, though in the background.

Front and center are Renee and team, who are amazingly responsive to emails and phone calls. Renee’s goal was to build a unique resource for the community and she set out to hire only top instructors.   The 6M team members  are all experts in their field , with multiple certifications and years of experience.  Several are or have been accomplished athletes.  

Something for Everyone

Whether your interest is developing basic fitness, your metabolism needs a boost or you want to improve performance at your next obstacle course race, 6 Movements has something for you. 

Current classes include Foundations, to strengthen and stabilize the body and improve aerobic capacity, RowFIT high intensity interval training using indoor rowers to boost the metabolism and build strength, YogaFIT for flexibility and relaxation, and Stronger You which focuses on kettlebell lifting. 

2018 will bring some exciting new classes as well as a new Silver Program.  All the existing classes will continue and new classes will be added including Silver Cardio, Silver Strength & Balance, Obstacle Race Cross Training and Advanced Kettlebell lifting. There are also plans for regular Rowing and Kettlebell Clinics and community Rowing Races and Nordic Walks.

Reasonable Prices

Prices are reasonable, with payment plans to fit any budget and no contracts or startup fees. 6M offers a 50% discount to anyone 65 or over and in January will begin accepting Silver Sneakers or Silver&Fit  for 6M Silver series classes. There are also discounts for Friends & Families who join together and a full week of free classes or a discounted thirty day trial period, to decide if 6M is the place for you.   

Take a Peek Inside 6 Movements


Learn more at  6movements.com, email info@6movements.com or call (206) 546-MOVE (6683)


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