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Nordic walking is an incredibly popular form of physical activity. It’s perfect for people of all fitness levels, because it focuses on enhancing regular, natural walking, with the active addition of a pair of specially-designed walking poles.

These poles work alongside the natural, biomechanically-suited postures for walking, to exercise the entire body, promoting full physical and mental wellbeing.

Sometimes known as ski-walking, Nordic walking is a hybrid of fitness walking and cross-country skiing. Many of the classical techniques of cross-country skiing are involved, including:

  • The dynamic use of carefully-designed poles
  • The control of the poles through grip and movement
  • The position of the pole during walking

The correct use of poles in Nordic walking helps to engage the upper body, propel the person forward, and distribute physical strain across all the muscles groups in the body, for a comprehensive fitness training session.

The Principles of Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is an exercise that builds upon the principles of using natural human gait to improve fitness. There are a range of different methods out there, including high-impact solutions for runners and joggers, and low-impact options for people with painful joints, or less experience with physical activity.

Overall, Nordic walking is a balanced, efficient, and natural form of exercise suitable for anyone. It helps to train the body in a symmetrical, balanced, and holistic way, based on the following principles:

  • Increased blood circulation for a healthier metabolism
  • Symmetrical training throughout the muscle groups
  • Correct posture and body alignment
  • Safe and healthy movements / gait
  • Aerobic conditioning thanks to rhythmic movements
  • Adaptable training measures
  • Learned skills for fitness which can be adapted into everyday life

The Benefits of Nordic Walking

The outcomes of Nordic walking depend on the correct use of posture, and the correct use of your walking poles. As an outdoor exercise, Nordic walking dates back to the 30s, where many skiers once used the technique to refine their skills when they couldn’t actually get onto the slopes.

Unlike traditional walking, or other low-impact, universal sports, the benefits of Nordic Walking are incredible. For instance, when you walk normally, you use around 70% of the muscles in your body. However, when you adapt that movement to Nordic Walking, you use up to 90% of your muscles, creating a symmetrical pattern of training for the whole body.

Some of the benefits of Nordic Walking include:

  • Low-impact versions of Nordic walking place less stress on the joints than running or jumping.
  • It’s particularly beneficial as an exercise that strengthens the thighs, legs, hips, buttocks, and arms – many of the problem areas that people have when it comes to losing weight.
  • It is an excellent cardiorespiratory exercise that promotes dynamic healthy habits, by allowing the walker to obtain a smooth cardiac rhythm, and better breathing, for enhanced cardiovascular health.
  • Just a few hours of walking a week can lead to incredible results. For instance, if you weighed 175 pounds, and spent 10 minutes “Nordic Walking”, you’d burn 46 calories.
  • It’s perfect for deconditioned and overweight people who want to improve their health and physical condition after years of inactivity.
  • It provides incredible tone for various areas of the body.
  • It improves greater strength, flexibility, and resistance.

When used as part of an overall fitness regimen, Nordic Walking can be a fun and interesting way to burn calories and improve your physical health.

Why Try Nordic Walking?

On average, Nordic walkers burn about 50% more calories than people who are simply walking regularly. However, it’s real appeal is that this exercise can be applied to your personal needs – no matter how experienced you might be.

For most people, Nordic Walking is a pleasant way to get back into the habit of fitness, helping you to progress from something as natural as walking, to an exercise that can help to create balance and strength throughout your entire body.

6 Movements Nordic Walking Club

6 Movements Fitness Studio sponsors Nordic Walks that are open to everyone, including beginners.  For more information contact info@6movements.com

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