6M Trainers

Do you provide Personal Training?

Some of the 6M trainers offer private training to clients. Check out our Membership Options page for details.

Who teaches 6 Movements classes?

6 Movements trainers come from varied fitness and athletic backgrounds. All share a passion for fitness, especially rowing and kettlebells. Some are or have been competitive athletes and some simply love working in fitness and helping others. All 6M trainers are qualified in their area of specialty and are part of the 6 Movements Team because they excel in what they do.


I forgot my water bottle. Can I borrow one?

We supply paper cups or can sell you a new 6M water bottle, bottled water, or other healthy drink. For hygenic reasons, we do not supply dishware.

Do you have parking near by?

You can park right outside our door where you will find plenty of free, well lit parking.

What's the atmosphere like?

The atmosphere at 6M is fun, inclusive, alive and energizing. A combination of tech meets sweat. Class sizes are limited to allow plenty of individual attention. There is an open floor design, tall mirrors, thick rubber floors surrounded by brilliant colors and LED lighting that can be dimmed. A cozy lounge and great sound system as well as guest wireless network. There are large screens on either end of the studio that display heart rates and workout information. 6M founders come from backgrounds in computer science, electronics and robotics and it was their vision to create a comfortable, functional workout environment that could leverage technology, while allowing the focus to remain on the human body, movement and fun.

What kind of equipment does 6M have?

6M equipments include Concept2 rowers, skierg, TRX straps, battle ropes, sleds, stability balls, competition kettlebells and an Infinity Rig equipped with pullup bars, stall bars, barbells and bumpers, rings, dips station, wall ball targets ,climbing rope and landmine.

Do you have showers?

There are no showers.


What is the proper class attire?

We recommend form fitted clothing that is breathable. It is best to tie up long hair. Baggy clothes and long hair can get caught in the rowing machines. You are welcome to train bare-foot, though some find the heel straps on the rower foot platform uncomfortable with bare feet. Shoes should be suitable for cross training, without wedges on the sides (should not be running shoes). Wedges make it awkward and time consuming to transition between rowers or TRX foot straps and other exercises. Kettlebell wrist guards, which can be purchased at 6M, are recommended for Advanced Strength class participants. Wrist guards are optional and unnecessary for other classes using Kettlebells.

Due to the studio floorplan, it is necessary to walk across the workout area to get to the waiting area, storage cubbies and restroom. Participants are asked to remove their street shoes before traversing the workout area. To help maintain a clean workout surface, we ask that you do not workout in the same shoes as you use for other purposes.

Can I buy a 6 Movements shirt?

We love to see 6 Movements bling about town. We stock a number of branded wearables, as well as heart-rate monitors, wrist guards, drinks, protein bars and snacks. Much of this is self-serve and you pay on your next monthly bill or right then with a credit card using the secure 6M kiosk.

Class Info

How long are the classes?

6M classes are typically 45 minutes in length, unless stated otherwise on the class schedule. All classes require pre-registration and drop ins are not accepted.

What is Kettlebell Sport? I heard this may be offered at 6M but I don't find a class on the schedule.

KB Sport is an endurance lifting sport that involves lifting one or two kettlebells, as many times as possible, for a set period of time, usually 5 or 10 minutes. The lifts are technical in nature and include ``Snatch``, ``Jerk`` and ``Long Cycle``. Sport training classes will be added to the 6M schedule when adequate demand is present. If interested in learning more about this low impact, high intensity endurance/strength training sport, contact Renee at the studio.

I saw a group working out doing really cool stuff the other day but didn't find the class on the schedule. What's that all about?

Some of the programs at 6M are under development and not yet available on the schedule or due to the advanced nature of the moves involved, are by invitation only. Feel free to inquire if you are interested.

What is the difference between Foundations, Strong6, 6MetCon and Movability classes?

6MetCon - fast paced HIIT style classes, designed to improve cardio endurance and overall body condition. 6MetCon classes use rowers, ski-ergs and various bodyweight exercises, performed in moderate and high intensity work and recovery intervals.

Strong6 - moderate pace designed to improve joint stability and overall strength Kettlebell lifts using both ballistic and grind styles.

6M Movability is slow paced, designed to enhance stability, flexibility, range of motion and balance. Classes combine gentle foam rolling, mindful stretching, and ground-based locomotion exercises.

Is 6M for me?

I'm pregnant, is 6 Movements for me?

As long as your doctor has cleared you for exercise and you are comfortable doing it - you can certainly exercise at 6M during your pregnancy. You will benefit from the strength and stretching 6M workouts offer. We advise that you inform your instructor you are pregnant and if any exercise recommendations or limitations from your Dr. There are a few movements that should be avoided during certain stages of pregnancy and we can provide modifications for you, if those moves are in your class.

If you are looking for Pre/Post Natal classes with other Moms' we can refer you to our friends at Fit4Mom. Fit4Mom holds some of their classes at the 6M Studio during inclement weather months.

I'm overweight, is 6 Movements for me?

Yes! Our rowing machines can accommodate up to 500 pounds, several are higher off the ground and have wider foot rests to allow for larger bodies (also appreciated by those who are pregnant or with wide shoulders). 6M programs are designed to accommodate adults of any shapes, size and fitness level.

“I'm nervous! What if I’m not in shape? I'm not strong enough!”

If you are a beginner, you will start in the Foundations program along with other students that are at a similar experience level. No prior experience is required. 6M classes are for adults of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. As you progress, you will be amazed at the tremendous growth you will experience in terms of the strength, flexibility and endurance. 6M Instructors are extremely supportive and knowledgeable and trained to work with each individual at their own level.

I'm over 50, is 6 Movements for me?

At 6M we believe age is truly only a number and with instruction, practice, patience and appropriate body care, it is possible to Move through Life, Strongly, Purposefully and with Stamina.

6M's Founder was 63 when she created the studio with a goal to be the areas fitness resource for adults of all ages, including those with extra miles on their bodies.

I have arthritis. I have had joint replacements. Are 6M classes right for me?

6M classes are all designed to be friendly on the body and joints. The 6M founder has lived with multi-joint arthritis for many years, had a knee replacement, shoulder repairs, and low back injuries and understands the frustrations and struggles involved in staying fit with arthritis.

6M is committed to providing an environment where those with joint issues can achieve challenging, low impact workouts, without irritating the joints. Studies have proven the best way to live with arthritis is to Move the body regularly, through full range of motion and with intensity, but without impact. By utilizing only low-impact training methods, 6M fosters an environment where everyone can get a good workout, come back later and do it again and again.

I am in pretty good shape and looking for a challenging workout. Can 6M provide that?

The beauty of the 6 Movements method is it allows everyone to achieve a challenging workout, each at their own pace, skill level and intensity. There are no prescribe weights or metrics expected in a workout. Each individual chooses the weight, pace and intensity they want to use to achieve their goal. Most 6M workouts are conducted for time, allowing one person to work at a bit slower pace, while another person may choose to push harder. Both of you will achieve your goals and improve your overall strength and endurance. While we do not foster competing in classes, we do sponsor fun rowing races and assist athletes who are training for competitive sports and special achievements.

Money Stuff

Do you offer free trials?

6M occasionally offers free trials and discounted trial memberships and sells 1,5 and 10 session passes to allow you to try us out. 6M sponsors free community events to promote fun exercise and movement. These community events will be listed on 6Movements.com

How do I cancel my monthly auto renewing membership?

We are sorry to see you leave, but understand that priorities change. Unless you purchased a special priced pre-paid membership for longer duration, memberships are in effect for one-month periods with payments deducted automatically on the 1st day of each month. To cancel, simply send an email to info@6movements.com or a letter to the studio address. Your cancel request must be received at least 10 days prior to the next renewal date, to avoid charges on your account. If your account is charged after the expected cancel date and 6M was provided timely notice, let us know and we will credit your account. We want you to feel as comfortable about canceling as you did about joining and hope that one day you will return.

How do I get a refund?

All purchases are final. There are no refunds. If you purchased an auto renewing monthly membership, simply cancel the next renewal. See ``How do I cancel my auto renewing membership?``

Can I freeze my account?

If you need to take a break from training to travel, due to injury or other life events, you are welcome to freeze your membership. Send an email to info@6movements.com indicating the duration of the freeze and the month it should begin.

Be aware that during the freeze period, you will not have the ability to register for or attend classes. To return, simply send an email (or call the studio) and we will toggle the system to let you sign up again.

Do you offer discounts?

6M offers discounts for those who are 65 years or older. To receive the discount, enter the code Forever Strong during sign up or contact the studio for more details.

I bought a 10 session pass package and can't use all the passes before they expire. Can I get a refund or share a session pass with someone else?

Session passes are not refundable but they may used by others who are registered in the 6M system and have signed a 6M waiver. Shared passes must be used for Foundations classes unless the individual has passed Foundations proficiency tests.

What payment methods do you take?

6 Movements accepts electronic funds transfers (preferred) and Visa and Mastercard credit cards. A $25.00 USD charge is levied for bounced or returned checks or cc payments. All sales are final.

How long are the 1 and 10 session passes good?

All 6M session passes expire three months from purchase date. Sudden illness and injury may allow passes to be extended on arrangement with 6 Movements management.

New to 6M

I am unfamiliar with 6M equipments. Will someone teach me how to use this?

We will train you on the use of all of 6M equipments. We focus on proper use of equipment and form in the 6M Foundation program and revisit handling and form in each class.

I'm new, which class should I take first?

Welcome! Everyone starts with the 6M Foundations program. This ensure you the opportunity to learn basic movements and familiarize your body with endurance and strength training before we turn up the intensity. Dont' worry you will still get a great workout in Foundations. You may participate in 6M Foundations until you decide to take the short proficiency test and demonstrate you are ready to move on.

I am already experienced with the types of equipments used in 6M classes; Do I still need to sign up for Foundations?

If you have experience with our type of equipments, we still need to verify your proficiency and fitness baseline. Contact the studio manager to discuss options.


What is a waitlist?

If a class is full, you can choose to be placed on the waitlist during the reservation process. You will be notified via email if a spot opens.

Do you host company, holiday, or private events?

Yes, we can support private events during hours when there are no regularly scheduled classes. For more information send an email to info@6movements.com

Do you offer drop in classes?

We do not support drop ins. You must reserve a spot in class ahead of time.

What is the best way to book my classes?

Go to 6Movements.com | Programs & Classes to sign up for a class.

Studio Use

Do you allow personal trainers to use the studio to train their clients?

We partner with a limited number of qualified personal trainers who use the 6M studio during hours when there are no regularly scheduled classes. For more information send an email to info@6movements.com

Is 6 Movements affiliated with Fit4Mom? I saw some F4M classes were at the 6M studio.

Fit4Mom is a separate fitness organization that occasionally uses 6M studio space for some classes.

What are your open gym hours?

There are no open, unsupervised hours. The 6M studio and equipments may only be used during trainer led classes or events.