Don’t see a class time you prefer?  Drop us a note at info@6movements.com and we will contact you to discuss options.


Foundations is designed to introduce you to fundamental movements and develop an endurance base line to prepare you for other 6M classes.  You will be introduced to rowing, learn to safely handle TRX and kettlebell equipment and the proper techniques to  breath, brace and pace yourself.

Foundations is prerequisite for everyone new to 6 Movements. Our goal is to ensure you are safe and familiar with the fundamentals, before we turn up the intensity and complexity of the workout. If your background qualifies you to bypass 6M Foundations, contact info@6movements.com to arrange to test out.

Stronger You Boot Camp

Stronger You Boot Camp classes provide a combination of  whole body strength, mobility and endurance training, using kettlebells, indoor rowers and your own body.


Rowing works the majority of muscles in your body, all at one time and without putting stress on your joints.  RowFIT classes focus on rowing for fitness, mixing a variety of short and long rowing sets with bodyweight exercise to build cardiopulmonary endurance and strength.

6M Yoga

6M Yoga classes are designed for any individual interested in improving their flexibility and overall level of fitness.  These classes are a great way to enhance  mobility and gain strength.

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