The 6M Story

6 Movements founder Renee Reed lived an active, athletic life until arthritis set in and she became sedentary and gained weight. Determined to be fit again, Renee joined a wide variety of clubs, hired personal trainers, and tried working out in a home gym, all with mixed results. Programs that provided decent cardio workouts tended to aggravate her damaged joints. Low impact classes lacked cardio intensity. Working out alone was not enjoyable


Renee discovered kettlebell lifting was a great way to build strength and increase mobility, though she had to commute into Seattle for training.  She found rowing to be an excellent low impact cardio work out, but found no rowing programs near her area.  She wanted to create a fitness program that combined rowing and kettlebell training and make this available in her own community. Taking learnings from a lifetime of fitness and athletic training experiences and determined to create an environment where anyone of any fitness level, could become stronger, fitter and healthier and have fun doing it, Renee and her husband Ralph founded 6 Movements Fitness in 2016.